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Our Mission

Our Mission

The goal of Physical Therapy for Women is to provide optimal rehabilitation for our community. To provide the most conservative, comprehensive level of care while respecting one's individuality and current physical status.

Through compassionate treatment and thorough education, it is the goal of Physical Therapy for Women to improve the quality of life for each person who receives our care and believes in their potential.

Our Story

In 2001 Jennifer  Shepherd, PT, CLT-LANA created a physical therapy center that catered to women. PT For Women provides general physical therapy care but also specializes in unique health issues such as pelvic dysfunction, cancer rehab, and lymphedema prevention/management. Together with the help of her associates, the practice has continued to grow and expand its services to women, men, and children throughout our region.

Meet the Team

Private treatments

All treatments are private, one-hour appointments where our therapists provide one-on-one care, giving you encouragement every step of the way!

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