Pelvic Pain


YES!!  Physical Therapy For Women can help YOU with your bladder or bowel
leakage and can help eliminate your pelvic pain! 

Millions of men and women suffer from bladder/bowel problems or pelvic pain, yet it is still a very sensitive subject to discuss.  Symptoms can be uncontrolled urine or bowel leakage, frequency or constipation occurring daily with or without specific activities.  Symptoms also may include pain in the pelvic region, inability to tolerate intercourse, difficulty sitting, pain with activity, or sexual dysfunction.  Most people will wait several years before seeking professional treatment for their condition, or accept their symptoms as part of aging, many do not know therapy is an option. Pelvic floor dysfunctions are treatable and often curable, without either surgery or drugs.

A physical therapist specializing in pelvic health addresses many issues.   During the initial evaluation, a thorough medical history is obtained, specific bowel/bladder issues discussed (such as frequency, urgency, leakage or pain), and an internal/external pelvic floor (PF) muscle assessment is completed.  The patient is evaluated for abdominal/pelvic scar tissue or tenderness, muscle spasms, and pelvic floor muscle strength/endurance.  From there an appropriate pelvic floor rehabilitation program can be established.  Patients may be asked to complete a bladder diary which allows us to examine an individuals total fluid intake, bladder irritants, voiding habits, leakage episodes, etc… 

Performing Pelvic Floor Exercises


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