Breast Cancer

Unfortunately, many women devote so much time, energy and courage to simply getting through breast cancer surgery that they often neglect their recovery plan. A proper recovery plan requires attention to psychological, mental, and physical healing. If women are able to regain control of their physical recovery, it will indirectly affect the other components in the recovery plan. In addition to lymphedema, various other physical problems may arise after breast cancer surgery. These problems will vary depending upon the woman, the specific type of surgery and the reconstruction efforts. Through the aide of a specially trained physical therapist, women should be able to recognize, treat and control these different physical problems and allow them to take control of their physical recovery.

What should you expect during your Initial Evaluation?

We are so glad that you have made the choice to let physical therapy help you through the stages of cancer rehab. We understand you may have a lot going on at this time with various treatments, medical appointments, fatigue and just emotionally dealing with your diagnosis. Please rest assured that Physical Therapy can help you feel stronger, have more energy, less discomfort and able to tolerate other cancer treatments more easily. Many people think they should wait until after other treatments have been completed before beginning physical therapy-however studies continue to show the strong positive benefits of therapy during all stages of recovery. 

Your first appointment will consist of a thorough evaluation with questions regarding your medical history, current treatments, current physical strength and any symptoms you may be experiencing. We will also measure both of your arms to achieve a baseline of your arm circumference so we can help to prevent, monitor, or manage any swelling that you may develop-as many patients are at risk of developing lymphedema following breast cancer. Based on the information obtained we will discuss with you YOUR unique plan of care and how physical therapy can best help you through this time in your life. We are here to empower you and support you everyday. 

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